Keeferaf WoW


We welcome back KeeferafWoW

I will be playing two different games related to Blizzard Entertainment.

All Keeferaf related websites "KeeferafWoW / KeeferafSC2 / Keeferaf / AmericanRaiders" is moving to my new blog. Click Here:

Along with World of Warcraft since 2010, I will also be playing StarCraft II (link above). On this web site, I will show you about my World of Warcraft experience. All the web site updates for all three websites will be on the main site.

The downloads page is complete blocked from public access. Please have an account ready on this website. To verify your using Blizzard Entertainment games, please include your battle tag number on the signatures page.

What is Battle Tag? Click Here

Web Site Updates:

We have NOT updated this web site for a while now, we are going to make some new updates to this site.

- We will Add Live Stream video on Home Page.

- Update download links for both WoW & WoWPTR.


We will also move the SC2 web site to the original Keeferaf web site, due to inactivity.


These updates will take full effect on 11/14/13 @ 10:00AM EDT.

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